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Points Process Service is Denver’s premier rush process server. Denver’s prominent law firms choose Points because of our experienced servers, skip tracers, clerks, and customized process serving.

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Jackie Points
Isaac Points

Founder Isaac Points

Isaac Points is the founder and owner of this company and has served the Denver legal community since 1982.

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Points Process Service represents you in the field and pledges to uphold your professional business image.

Members of the National Association of Professional Process Servers.

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Premier companies deserve premier business partners.



Our quality of professionalism in our field of process serving is the highest of standards.

Superior Service

Points Process Service has been performing actual Service of Legal Process for over 30 years.

Detailed Process

The details of each case are maintained with attention. Our staff team are trained to appreciate and understand the importance of these orders.

Reaching clients on all corners of the United States.

Our range of services reaches out to the entire United States from our office in Denver. Our personalized service and the extensive national affiliated network is available to you. File a petition in Denver County or service of a defendant in New York, the options are open when you choose the services of Points Process Service.We have you covered. Points Process is your one-stop shop for all of your process serving needs. We serve Denver’s top law firms, corporate counsel, and government agencies. We have long-term client relationships throughout the business community including law firms, federal and state government, corporate counsel and insurance firms.

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